Chittagong Board SSC Result with Full Marksheet

Chittagong Board SSC Result 2021 with Full Marksheet

Getting an SSC result for your board is easy. Here I will cover the procedure to get the SSC exam result based on your current board. With our simple procedure, you can easily find out your result and get accurate information.

Please make sure that you are following our procedure correctly. If you don’t follow these steps with proper rules, then you may not get the result. So you must be careful when you try to get the result with various methods.

Get SSC to result for Chittagong Board

The first and efficient way to get the SSC exam result for the Chittagong board is the online option. Using the online method you can quickly get the result without any hustle. You just have to follow some easy steps you will be good to go.

Here are the rules to get the SSC result for the Chittagong board.

– At first, you have to go into the official result website for the SSC exam which is EducationBoardResults.Gov.BD.

– Select the education board for your exam. You have to select the Chittagong board here.

– Now you have to put down some information related to your SSC exam. Just place your SSC roll number and registration number one by one.

– Then you have to prove that you are human using the CAPTCHA system.

– In the end, you can click the submit button and go to the procedure.

So, now you will get to see the full detail of your SSC result. You can see the marks and grading details of your SSC exam. That information will be fully original and you can also print them out for external usage. You can also check that information letter.

Get SSC Result for Chittagong Board via SMS

The second most popular method to get the result is to use the SMS method. Using this method you can easily get the result without using any smart device. You can get your result information on your message. The only thing you will need is your cellular mobile.

Here’s the procedure to get result for Chittagong board using SMS:

– At first open your message option and type down SSC <space> CHI <space> your board roll <space> The year of your SSC exam. The CHI is the code for your Chittagong board.

– Now you have to send the message to 16222.

when you send the message you will get charged 2.37 TK from your sim card. So, you have to make sure that you have at least 3 TK on your mobile phone. However, after sending the message you will get a confirmation message. And then you will get the SSC result for your Chittagong board.


Using those easy methods you can get the SSC result for your board easily. If you don’t have any smart device, you can use the SMS method and the result information will be sent to your mobile. So it’s a great option to use to get the result of the SSC exam in Chittagong.

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