SSC Exam

The SSC exam in another word Secondary School Certificate exam is a public board examination. This examination is mainly held in South Asian countries like Bangladesh and India, Pakistan. It also certifies the completion of the secondary level of education. This exam is the same as the General Certificate of Secondary Education of England.

The exam is one of the vital steps for any student as they proceed to the next level of their study. The student of 10th class can attend this examination. Before they sit on the SSC exam, they must get passed on the previous board examination that is JSC. In Bangladesh, the in-charge of this public board examination is the education board.

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SSC Structure and Format

The students have to choose the separate group first. After selecting a specific group, they start to complete their several books. The study is divided into two different sections. In the 9th class, they have to complete almost half of the curriculum. And they complete the other half in the second year. The study module and pressure is determined by the group and the subjects for the SSC. Let’s talk about them separately.

SSC Groups

In the SSC exam, there are three separate groups to select. Every student gets the option to choose their preferred group. The option is given to the student when they pass the JSC examination. After selecting a specific group they start studying in that group until the 10th class.

The group for the SSC exam plays a very important role for each student. They have to find their interest in one of them and make it their major until they reach HSC and get admitted into a university for higher education. Here I will show you the list of groups every student gets when they stumbled upon the SSC phase.

There are 3 groups for SSC registration. A student must choose one of them to attain in SSC exam. He/She may change the group later after passing SSC exam or HSC exam:

  • Science: It’s the priority for most of the students to choose. This is the science group or section where students study all subjects related to science. However, they also have to study other subjects like bangla, english, physical education and others which are not related to science. The group of science contains the best possibilities for students as they get better career choices in the future. And it all depends upon the student’s interest. However, a science student can change his group after passing SSC exam or later to any subject or group.
  • Commerce/Business Studies: This is the second most popular group to choose by students. However, the majority of the students chose this group as it seems easier and feasible for all kinds of students. The have to read books related to business, banking etc. Also, they have to read other subjects which are not related to the group itself. It is also better for people who want to build their careers in business or the banking job industry. This group is also perfect to get better office jobs like an accountant and others. A Commerce/Business Studies student can change the group to arts/humanities but not the science.
  • Arts/Humanities: It falls in the third when it comes to priority. It is not that famous group. Most of the students seem to go with other groups. But, it is famous to students who want to build a career in Humanities, graphics, entertainment, and others. It is also beneficial to be creative and professionals like Laws. This group has the lowest study pressure and provides much free time for other activities like developing new skills. The competition in the University admission in the Arts/Humanities section is also the lowest. Thus students love this group as they get comparably easier admission to the big universities. But the Humanities students can’t change the group to science or business studies in later phase.

SSC Subjects

Each group contains a set of books for the specific curriculum. Those books are determined by the education board of Bangladesh. And the list of subjects is always in the update. But the core subjects for each group remain the same throughout the year. There is also another option for students in the SSC exam. It is the third subject. It is an additional subject for students of each group. This subject does not get that much attention but it is critical to improving the overall grade of the SSC examination.

Common SSC Subjects

In SSC examination there are 7 common subjects for each group. Those subjects are mandatory for every student group and they are all the same books. The question paper for those subjects is also the same. Students give an SSC examination of those subjects on the same day. Those common subjects are

  • Bangla 1st Paper
  • Bangla 2nd Paper
  • English 1st Paper
  • English 2nd Paper
  • General Math
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology)
  • Religious Studies (Islamic Studies, Christian Religion Studies, Hindu Religion Studies, Buddha Religion Studies)

Special SSC Subjects

There are three compulsory subjects and one 4th subject for each group. The optional subject has the option to choose from 2 or 3 subjects. These four subjects are tailored to their groups. Those books are studied only by their students.

Science Group: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Higher Math, Social Science

Commerce/Business Studies Group: Accounting, Finance and Banking, Introduction of Business, Business Entrepreneurship, General Science

Arts/Humanities Group: History, Civics, Geography, Environment, Economical Geography, Economics, Home Economics, Home Science, Agricultural Science

Other SSC Subjects

There are other subjects to choose for varity of students like technical board, madrasah board, DIBS etc.

  • Arabic
  • Bangladesh History and World Civilization
  • Basic Trade
  • Bengali Language & Bangladesh Culture
  • Career Studies
  • Computer Studies
  • Easy Bangla
  • Economical Geography
  • Fine Arts
  • Geography and Environment
  • Introduction of Bangladesh and World
  • Music
  • Physical Education, Health Science and Games
  • Sanskrit

So, those are the subjects that each student have to choose according to their group. Other subjects may get included while the syllabus module gets updated by the education board of Bangladesh.

Education Board Bangladesh

If we consider the SSC examination system, the main thing will come first is the education board. It plays an important role in completing the exam process. With the help of different boards throughout the country, the SSC exam comes to its competition. Without distinct help from each education board of Bangladesh, it won’t be possible to manage this huge amount of students. Here I will discuss about the subdivision of the education board of Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, we have ten different boards in the country responsible for conducting the public examinations such as Secondary School Certificate and Higher Secondary Certificate. These boards are well established and are essential to develop and distribute the SSC examination structure to all schools and college exam centers. Also, those boards regulate the examination system and check for any potential error in the exam system. Below I have listed those boards with their detain for SSC Exam.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka

The board is behind every public board examination in Dhaka including SSC, PSC, and HSC also. The headquarter of the dhaka education board is situated in Bakshibazar, Dhaka. It has a higher authority to maintain the exam with the proper rule. As Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, it has the biggest responsibility to maintain a diverse amount of students and institutes.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Comilla

The Comilla education board is located in Laksham Rd, comilla. They are the main organization or board that controls the board examination for secondary education. They manage more than five of the district’s public examinations. They have the authority to manage and maintain the examination with proper rules and regulations. The board was established in 1962 under east Pakistani age.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Chattogram

The Chittagong education board manages the public examinations like ssc, hsc examinations for the Chittagong division. They are one of the biggest boards who handle the biggest area of the country. The procedure of the board was started in 1995.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Barisal

The board started its work in 1999 for educational administration and management. It conducts three important public examinations of the Barisal division, such as J.S.C. (Junior School Certificate) S.S.C. (Secondary School Certificate) and H.S.C. (Higher Secondary Certificate) Examinations.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Jessore

The Jessore education board controls the SSC, HSC exam for Jessore district. It was established for Khulna division in 1963 by vide East Pakistan Ordinance. They also maintain the procedure for other districts under khulna division.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Mymensingh

The mymensingh education board is responsible for running the SSC and HSC public examinations in Mymensingh. However, like other boards, they also maintain the examination for other districts which are located beside Mymensingh.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Rajshahi

Started in 1961, this organization maintain the SSC & HSC exam with the proper rule in the Rajshahi district. They hold the responsibility to hold the SSC & HSC examination along with other boards in time.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Sylhet

The Sylhet education board is located in Alampur, Sylhet. It was established in 1999 to organize & maintain two public examinations in Sylhet division.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dinajpur

The education board of Dinajpur responsible for the organization, regulation, supervision, control and development of Intermediate, Secondary and Junior level public examinations and educational institutions of Dinajpur, Gaibandha, Kurigram, Lalmonirhat, Nilphamari, Panchagor, Rangpur, Thakurgaon.

Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board

The Madrasah Education Board founded in 1978 to organize, regulate, supervise, control, and develop and improve Dakhil, Alim, Fazil & Kamil public examinations, and educational institutions.

Bangladesh Technical Education Board

The Technical Education Board is located in Dhaka. Aim of this board is to develop skilled human resource. It conducts two public examinations [S.S.C (Vocational) & H.S.C (BM)] and other 73 examinations of different curriculum.

SSC Exam Schedule

Every year the SSC exam starts in the first week of February. If any issue develops, the authority can begin the examination in the first week of March. The exam period is usually set from February to March. The results are published within two months of the completion of the exam, and it is around the first week of May.

The exam schedule is variable, and it gets determined by the education board of the respective district and regions. The secluded get listed to the public portal of Bangladesh one or two months before the exam starts. In some instances, they change the exam schedule with a notice. The schedule is set to 10 am to begin the examination. No matter what, the time is always fixed and can not be changed. The time of the exam is set to two or three hours, depending on exam marks.

Schedule of practical examination is also variable. But most of the time, it starts at the usual clock. But as it has less priority, the schedule can get changed, and it can also start with a little bit of delay.

SSC Exam Procedure

The procedure of the SSC exam is the same in every education board around Bangladesh. It all starts from the central board for education. The Bangladesh education boards take the responsibility to construct and develop the structure for each year’s SSC exam. Mostly, they announce the preview or the structure to the public a while before the SSC exam starts. If they bring new changes to the curriculum or examination style, they also mention in via a national information notice.

The education board of Bangladesh constructs the exam question paper. In recent years they are going towards providing the same question paper for each subject in each division. Once everything gets the finalization, the board or Education ministry publishes the exam date beforehand. The students have to prepare themselves for the examination according to the exam procedure. However, once the exam paper hits it’s way to the exam centre, it becomes very crucial, and the authority provides total security to it. The procedure to give the SSC exam for students starts from the 9th class where they get the registration for SSC. Students get grading according to the current grading system(CGPA).


The most important and potential board examination is this SSC examination. It plays a vital role in a very student’s plan. If they succeed in this exam, they get the opportunity to go into the HSC or Higher Secondary Certificate exam.

With a great result, they also can get a chance to big institutes with better facilities. For most of the students, it is life-changing, and it can have a significant impact on thinking. Not succeeding in this exam is not the end. With proper preparation and dedication, it is easy to get through it and have an excellent mark also.