SSC Result

SSC is one of the most important board exams in Bangladesh. It’s called a Secondary School Certificate. It’s a vital bard exam for all kinds of students in Bangladesh. The board result determines a lot of things for the student. And the result of SSC is another important aspect of our education. The SSC results are published after completing the SSC exam. Students get a grading based on the current marking system. The result of SSC was not an easier border. But now it’s become convenient to get the SSC result easily.

The SSC results also get published for madrasa and vocational boards. And also it gets published for general line students. After getting the result authority can also change the result to the respective boards. Then they have to again check the result differently.

The SSC results give the student a direction in their study. That’s why many of the students and their guardians look for the SSC result once the exam period gets over.

Here I will tell you the procedure to check the result in a very different way possible. The result you will get will be original. If you read this post carefully then you will be able to find out the SSC exam result for yourself or others easily. I will mention all the details that you may need to know.

If you check the SSC result perfectly then, you can take necessary actions like challenging the boards or get consultancy to get admission to any preferred College to start secondary education.

Barisal Board SSC Result 2020 with Full Marksheet
Chittagong Board SSC Result 2020 with Full Marksheet
Comilla Board SSC Result 2020 with Full Marksheet
Dhaka Board SSC Result 2020 with Full Marksheet

Importance of SSC Result

The SSC result gets the highest priority for almost any student. It determines the study module or the action that the students need to take. The result comes after passing the 9th and 10th class of the school. It also reflects the ability to understand every subject. While many students get the highest grading, they get A+ or 4.00 in CGPA. Getting a proper SSC result is a must for every student out there.

That’s why every year more than millions of students attempt this exam and look for the SSC result. GEtting SSC result may make you feel a bit nervous but if you get it quickly it will not make you worry anymore.

After getting the result and other information, you can take the required actions for your future study or to get admission to any SEcondary level institution or college.

That’s why you should know the time, date and other information about SSC perfectly. Here you will know the perfect information about the SSC result easily. Just follow our procedure and instruction properly and you will be good to go.

SSC Result in Bangladesh

The SSC result in Bangladesh has become more prominent as the student number is increasing day by day. The student number for girls is also increasing significantly. As the students are growing the success rate for the exam is also getting higher. That’s why the education board has to do extra work to maintain the correct results for each student.

Currently, the number of total SSC students is around 20,31,889. This is great news. Those students come from various schools and instructions through the country and district as you can imagine.

The number of centers is also significantly taller than any other previous year. If you look closely the number for the exam center that has held the exam is more than 3,412. It is great news for us. The education board for each respective district and region have worked perfectly to maintain proper rules and regulations on those centers.

If you divide the SSC result for boys and girls that is also surprising for us. The result for boys will be 10,23,212. That means the number of boys will get the result after they complete the examination period. On the other hand, the education board will publish the result for girls students who are in total 10,08,687.

Every student will get the result depending upon their performance on the exam and the practical.

In case we compare those SSC results more students are getting into the SSC exam than before. It’s a great sign for us as the education on the primary level is going height each year. IT is not any exemption in the year of 2020.

The SSC result in Bangladesh will be published in May 2020. It is a two-month gap from the authority to maintain and publish SSC results for this amount of students at once.

Most of the time, the results may get delayed to publish in several regions. That is why you should read the guideline section so you know what to do when you are not getting the result at your place or region.

SSC Result Update News

To get the result update news you can follow several portals available online and offline. After completing the exam it has become the most famous question where I will get the updated news on SSC Result. many of us fall into the dilemma if everything is going ok or not. Also, the news update becomes the most important as the result may get published for all students.

To check the update and news on SSC results you can check for the newspaper. The most relied on and convenient source of SSC REsult news will be your newspaper. You can check out any newspaper to check if the results have any updates or not. Most of the time you will get notified in the newspaper if there are any updates or delays on the result.

The second most favorite portal for SSC Result news will be your selection. You can check for a news program where they will discuss the upcoming SSC result. Here you will live telecast or talk show and discussion on the SSC result.

The last and most promising way to check SSC results will be an online portal. You can check news and update about the SSC result conveniently and easily anytime you want using those web portal. But be aware of the false news as the portals might have false news spread in them.d Despite the false news most of the updates on the portal are true and shared for student help. Those portals are often run by other students. So, you can rely on them.

SSC Result Publication Date

The publication date of the SSC result is the second concern after you get the news on the result. There is some general calculation on the BAnglade’s public school certificate exams. Most often, the results get published within the 60 days of the completion of the exam.

Like, if your SSC exam has completed on any particular date, you can start counting for 60 days. Within this period, you will get the result and update. The result will be published in the last quarter of those 60 days.

At the current route for the SSC exam, it is set to start on 3 February. So, you can count 60 days or two months for the result.

After waiting for this period you will get the result in your hand.

To the current schedule, it is determined that the examination will get the result on 6 May of 2020. And it will be great news for all the students who have attended the exam. On the publication date, you have to maintain some procedures before you will get the result.

As in the publication date, all of the students get results. There will be a huge suspension on the result until you get the full detail. However, you won’t get the full mark sheet at the publication date. You have to follow some procedure and wait to get the result mark sheet of your SSC exam.

SSC Result for Bangladesh Education Board

In Bangladesh, nine education boards control the exam for the students. And also the students will get the result under the respective board according to their location, region, and district.

The procedure for the result will be different for each student according to the board. you have to check the correct procedure for the board you have given the SSC exam.

Check Result Online

You can easily check the result of your SSC result online. IT is the best and convenient way to get your results in your hands. You don’t have to do any hard stuff to get your precious SSC result just follow our instruction and you will be good to enter into your SSC result easily.

Here’s I have mentioned one of the most famous and easy methods to get your SSC result with just a few simple steps.

EducationBoardResults.Gov.BD: This is the most effective way to get the information about your SSC result in hand.

Here’s how you can do it:

– Visit the website: You have to enter the website correctly.

– Provide information: First, select the education board of your SSC exam. Then you have to provide the SSC roll number and registration number. Then select the SSC passing year for you.

– Prove that you are Human: You have to provide some CAPTCHA for the proof that you are not any robotic bot.

– Submit: In the end, you have to submit the info to get the result.

So, that’s how you can easily get the result in your hand. The result you will get will be completely certified and you can show it to anyone with a guarantee. However, there are also other methods to get the SSC result. If you don’t have any smartphone or computer device in your home then you can use other options like SMS to get the result quickly without any problem.

Check Result by SMS

The other convenient way to get your SSC result is to use the SMS option. It is the cheapest and easiest way to get your results from anywhere. If you don’t have an internet connection or any smart device this will be your best friend. The result you will get from this method will be completely original and you can easily understand the grading system and total result in seconds.

You just have to follow some simple tips and steps to get your result on your phone using the SMS system.

Before you get started, make sure that you have more than 2.44 BDT on your phone. Because during the process you will get charged this amount of credit from your phone. However, you won’t get charged more than 2.44 BDT. So, there is nothing to worry about.

Here are the steps:

– Go to your SMS panel. Then type SSC <space> first three words of your education board (Ex. DHA) <space> your roll number <space> type your passing year.

– When you formatted the SMS with this structure, now send it to 16222.

– Wait for the confirmation message. And you will get charged 2.44 BDT after the confirmation message.

When you get the confirmation message, you should get the result within a short period.

Check Result by EIIN

The EIIN stands for Educational Institution Identification Number. Using this number, student guardians can check the SSC result for their respective institutes. It is one of the reliable ways to get the result.

– Go to the Education Board Web-Based Result System for Institution.

– Select SSC Exam.

– Provide the required information.

– Chose Institutetio REsult

– Ente the EIIN to the field.

Then you have to submit the information to get the SSC result.

Check Result via

This is another great option to get the result easily in your hand. Here’s the instruction for it:

– Go to

– Chose the option “SSC Equivalent Result”

– Provide Examination, Year and Board information one by one.

– Chose Result Type and hit submit.

Then you will get the result easily. There will be all kinds of information about your SSC result.

Check Result via Android App

You can easily install the app for the SSC Result. You just have to go to the Android Play store and find out the Education Board Results( app.

Just download the app on your phone. Make sure that your phone has all the settings enabled to download the app.

After downloading the app you can easily check the SSC result. It is one of the great ways to get your result without any interruption.

The process to get the result is to wait for the SSC result to hit publication. Once the SSC result is published you can open the app to get the result.

After opening the app, go for the SSC equivalent exam option. Then fill out the required information about your SSC exam. Hit submit and you will get the result in your hand.

SSC Result Mark Seet for Bangladesh Education Board

The mark sheet for the SSC exam is the detailed information about your exam. In the mark sheet, you will get a detailed number for each subject you are given. Along with the number, you will also get average grading or CGPA grading on the result.

To get the mark sheet you have to follow this procedure.

– Wait for the next day of the result publication.

– Go to

– Check for the result on the SSC result slot.

– You will get the full mark sheet that you can also print.

SSC Result for Dakhil Madrasa Board

The students of the Madrasa board will also get SSC results according to their exam. The Madrasa board also held the SSC exam along with other educational boards. To get the result for the Madarsa board you can use any of the above methods. Use online, SMS, EIIN number to get your result super fast.

SSC Result for Dakhil Vocational Board

This education board is run by the Bangladesh Technical Education board. They also publish the SSC result for their students. To check the result you can use the online, SMS or EIIN method if possible.


To check the SSC result you have to follow some basic guidelines. You don’t have to panic on the result day. As a huge amount of students will access the online portal, request by SMS the system will take some time to respond to you. That’s why it’s better to check the result in the afternoon.

What to Do When You are Not Getting The Result

If you are not getting the result after 2:00 PM, you should check again. Or you can use alternative ways to get the result. You can use VPN and access the website to get the result without error.

In case you don’t get the result you can go into your school and check for the result and discuss it with them.


The importance of the SSC result is huge for every student out there. The future study pattern will be determined by the result of SSC. To check the SSC result you can use the mentioned method and everything will be good unless you succeed in it. That’s why taking good preparation for the exam is important as you will get a better SSC result at the end.